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We are a group of professional filmmakers, who specialize in the Highest Quality Video Production. We have a well balanced knowledge of filmmaking, along with a strong team behind the scenes of our productions. We are always working on something film related, and most importantly staying up to date with the highest quality gear possible.. We like to be very creative in our productions, and take them beyond the clients expectations. We take it “From your vision to video!”

In the beginning stages we like to set a pre-production meeting with our client & talk about creating the ideas and concepts that will help create the mood or environment. Which allows us to find the most creative way to execute the production, while keeping everybody in tune with what is planned. Post-production is where the magic happens, as we digitally paint the picture & bring the production to life. We specialize in short films, photography, commercial media, social media advertisements, & most commonly music videos. Contact Us today to get started on your Production!

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"Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out."

Martin Scorsese


Music Videos

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  • Brandon Bianco
  • Director / Producer¬†/ DP / Editor
  • +727.515.1267
  • brandon@1212pro.com

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